A Attitude of Gratitude: What Triggers You?


What triggers you?

In place of an annual New Year’s Resolution, I want to suggest that you try simply stopping the behavior you’re most sick of within yourself for just one week.

No matter what, don’t do it. 

Go ahead and feel free to embrace it for all its joyous, horrible worth on day 8.

But for 7 days-

Just Don’t Do It.

Pay attention to how you feel when you’re denied that favorite hated behavior. More importantly, note what you were feeling or thinking about right before you were about to (eat junk, gossip, masturbate, pick a fight, hoard, shop, character assassinate, etc.) and journal or log it.

What are your triggers? And are they external or internal?

Stand still and observe the people in your life who are there because you swap mental hand jobs, are “worse than you” to provide cover for your own ugliness, or make you vaguely uneasy because they seem to walk a talk that you’re afraid to strive for.

You’ll be amazed and empowered at what you’ll find.

– Neil Lepley