The 12 Steps

A Attitude of Gratitude is not here to convince you of anything, or get you to agree with any particular viewpoint. What we are here to do is introduce some perspectives for you to consider. Of course, you are free to agree or disagree because ultimately our goal is to help you trust yourself.

The process we present is certainly not new and definitely not conceived by a sole individual. A Attitude of Gratitude is merely the Twelve Steps presented in a language that may be more appealing to individuals who may never have visited a support group and for those in these groups who may be struggling with the spiritual angle.

It has been our experience that for real sustainable change to occur, any person embarking on The Steps must be entirely ready to begin their own journey of discovery. They cannot do it for the spouse, the parents, the kids or anyone else. For those that are struggling, the endeavor here is to uncover your true, authentic self that has been buried from underneath the years of flawed thinking. When you do this, you will be empowered to live life in way that you have always desired. Yes, really, the purpose of your life is to be whole. This is discovering your Gift and speaking your Voice. And only you get to determine what that exactly is. No one else. Now that being said, we all need people to encourage and equip us along the way.

Here are the steps we have taken to recognize who we are, who we are not, and the principles that these steps are founded on. Click any step title to learn more.

Identity: These are the knowing steps – The Truth

Step 1: Honesty Admission of Need
Step 2: Hope Confidence that there is a Solution
Step 3: Willingness Abandonment of Resistance

Integrity: These are the growing steps – The Way

Step 4: Courage Personal Evaluation
Step 5: Integrity Confirmation of Evidence
Step 6: Acceptance Commitment to Change
Step 7: Humility Sincere Desire for Wholeness
Step 8: Reflection Clarity of Motives
Step 9: Justice Amends for Harms Done

Serenity: These are the going steps – The Life

Step 10: Perseverance Continue to Learn
Step 11: Spirituality Consciousness of Contact
Step 12: Service Actualization of Connection with God

When the steps are approached like this, almost anyone should be able to recognize that they aim for not just abstinence, but a spiritual regeneration. The goal is to live a life one day at a time in conscious contact with God and for simplicity and continuity. This is referred to throughout the collection of writings as the True Self.