Of course there is no way for us to know why you have decided to read this. If you are like the way many of us were, you’re seeking something more than what’s in your life now. Or maybe less of something. Life needs to be different if it’s going to go on. Something has to change.

If you are cynical about this being any different than what you’ve tried before, you are in the right place. Most of us have led a life of defiance and resisting change. Fighting for what we know is right. But we got beat up a lot too.

No one ever comes to this point because life is working out the way it was planned. Perhaps people may have let you down. It’s possible they have even betrayed you, hurt you in a way that can be described as evil. If that is true, we are so sorry. No one should have that happen to them. But the fact is that it does happen way too much in this world, and you are not alone.

There are also many people who feel that what they have done is betray themselves. That what they have done is wrong and they regret it so deeply that they won’t forgive themselves because the consequences of the choices they have made are tragic. For those souls, regrets and remorse dominate a person’s thoughts so much that the feeling of hopelessness becomes overwhelming. Many even settle into a belief that they are helpless in the matter that burdens them. “If you lived my life, you would feel this way too.” has been said so many more times than you will ever know. If this describes you, even just a little bit, you are in the right place. You really are.

To those of you who say, “Thank God I am not that way”, you too are here for a good reason. You may think you are not like all the others. However, if you follow this proven path you will discover that you are at the core much more similar than you now believe. You will find that there is a commonality in all of humanity.

So to put it simply, this process is for people seeking clarity in a world filled with confusion. We don’t profess to have the answers, but we do offer an equation that will allow you to discover the answers you need. And the truth will set you free- but it’s also usually pretty uncomfortable at first. Denial can wrap a person up in a nice warm and comfortable delusion, and removing that is not easy. Many times it’s even outright painful, but that intense discomfort doesn’t last too long if you don’t give in to it.

You see it is really only with a desire for change so strong that you will not give up until the truth is known, that the miracle we write about will happen to you. So a desire to stop suffering is the only prerequisite to begin. But it does take time.

Our Father, we come to you as a friend. We believe you are here with us now and this is something you would have us do, and that it has your blessing.

We pledge with you to always be honest, and to search our hearts for weaknesses and errors,
so that we may accept your help.

We believe that you want us to be real partners with you in this business of living,
so we are accepting our full responsibilities.

We are certain that by doing so, that the reward will be freedom,
growth and happiness.

For this we are truly grateful. We ask you at all times to guide us.

Help us daily to come closer to you so that we may know you better
each day than the day before.