Thank you for your interest in helping A Attitude of Gratitude. We have a vision that’s pretty big and we are going to need some help. We trust that by explaining what this program is about, it will inspire you to contribute.

A Attitude of Gratitude is a free online life recovery program for those who would not consider going to a traditional 12 Step program. It is also intended for those who have gone and the timing was off. For those who are currently in a group and are still struggling to find their way. And because the Steps have been effective for just about every personal problem, this is for everyone who desires a higher quality of life.

We believe that if we can be introductory and complimentary to the proven process of the 12 Steps, people will one way or another find a spiritual solution to their struggle if they really want it.

What makes this program different is that the goal is not just abstinence but Greatness. We want people to discover their potential and to actualize their abilities in ways that benefit themselves and others too. The objective of the A Attitude of Gratitude program is for all involved to give and receive Love unconditionally.

Freedom is found when we enjoy everyday, every encounter, every challenge. Every achievement. That’s done by taking the position of being a student and then sharing freely what has been received. All that is accomplished by being intimate with the Ultimate.

If you’d like a more comprehensive explanation of our vision please Contact Us.


A Attitude of Gratitude has a special group of supporters who are extremely passionate about our mission and have become AAG Members. Their monthly contributions mean that our work can continue, and more people can experience sobriety and serenity. If you’d like to be one of these exceptional individuals click on the Join Now button below for all the details.


Please help us reach our objective of helping those who still suffer and struggle daily by giving a charitable donation. Your generous contribution allows us to continue to provide all services free of charge.


We hope that you recognize the potential for this program as a way of helping yourself, maybe a member of your family, possibly a friend, or many of those in this world who are struggling to find a solution. If so, you may want to contribute to what we are doing by purchasing a shirt or two from us.

Below are some designs that we have created with the sole purpose of generating the the much-needed finances to grow our program. If you’d like one of these custom t-shirts please click on any of the Buy Now! buttons and you will be directed to our online retail store, Motowearhouse.

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SoCal ’79 Brown

The SoCal '79 Brown T-shirt is for those who remember trails and tracks of long ago. When the smell of 2-Stroke oil coming out your exhaust meant that you were riding until there was no more gas or no more sunlight.