Hang Around For The Miracle

There are only but a few absolutes in this world and perhaps one of them is that there are basically two kinds of people; those that are comfortable in their own skin and those that are not.

Some people just seem to have an ease of giving and receiving love. They possess peace and joy in most situations, regardless of what is happening or not in their life. They are patient, kind and gentle. Many of these souls are loyal, generous and have self-discipline. They can connect with others at a meaningful level. There’s an awareness that results in gratitude in their life. Then there are what appears to us as the majority of the men and women of the world; people who are restless, irritable and discontent most, if not all the time. Resentments, well, they have more than a couple, they may be angry at themselves or upset at others. To them, people, places, or things just don’t work the way that they think they are supposed to. Now certainly life is not easy, but worry and fear seems to dominate some people a lot more than others.

Isn’t it amazing how two different people can respond to the exact same scenario, in two entirely different ways? Is it because some can just put up a better act than others? Certainly it must be that most everyone feels hopeless and helpless when life deals them a bad hand. Right?

Sure. That’s true to some degree. All people have their moments of vulnerability. Everyone feels the same emotions- love, hate, pleasure, pain, sadness, gladness. But it is to what intensity and for how long these emotions last that makes the difference between those who wear life as a loose comfortable suit, and those that are tightly wrapped. Then of course how a person responds is unique too. There are many variations of struggle in everyone’s life and therefore there isn’t a “one-size fits all” solution. But the process of the 12 Steps does offer an equation that allows many people to get some answers they need for a better quality of life. That’s why it has been applied to countless problems and helped millions of people turn their lives around. It really does work well when followed. And no matter what your emotional state is today, this website is for those that desire to experience life with more purpose and meaning.

All that being said, it is not intended to be a substitution for professional care. In fact, we recommend if depression is present in your life that you do seek help from a qualified individual or institution. Mental health is not something to be dealt with lightly and your quality of life may change greatly if a therapist, psychologist, or physician examines you.

However, there are many who are in need of something more than just human aid; a miracle is the only word we can think of to even attempt to describe the indescribable. Words cannot accurately explain nor do justice for what can happen to those who find a way out of a lifetime of frustration.

So A Attitude of Gratitude is intended to guide and provide a journey of discovery about yourself and the world around you. By following these steps, you will better understand your true authentic identity and then begin to comprehend what integrity of thoughts and actions really means in all relationships. The end result is a harmony that is known in head and heart so vibrantly that it just gets into your gut. Your whole essence can and will change.

When we began working through the 12 Steps, we were having trouble with personal relationships. After time, we lost interest in selfish things and gained interest in others. Self-seeking slipped away. Many times, we couldn’t control our emotional natures. We now comprehend the word serenity and we know peace. We once were prey to misery and depression. Now our whole attitude and outlook upon life has changed. Repeatedly we had a feeling of uselessness. That feeling of uselessness and self-pity has disappeared. We were once full of fear but now intuitively know how to handle situations which used to confuse us. We were unhappy, mostly miserable, the majority of the time. We couldn’t seem to be of any real help to ourselves or other people. That has changed as now we know a new freedom and a new happiness. No matter how far down we went, we now see how our experience can benefit others. We do not regret the past nor wish to ever shut the door on it. This is all because we realize that God has done for us what we could not do for ourselves- creating a shift of perception from fear to love and a life that doesn’t need to be escaped from. Gratitude has unlocked the fullness of life. We are grateful for both the good and the bad because we are aware that there is a purpose for it all; to be more like the people we were created to be.

Extravagant promises? No, we think not. Gratitude has unlocked the fullness of life for us to see that this has always been available. We just made choices that took us elsewhere. Now we have decided to live differently. Our thoughts and actions are no longer destructive, so how we live today is much more valuable to ourselves and others than ever before. We don’t just take from life- we contribute to life too. No longer do we try to be helpful for our own profit. There are no conditions involved. We live this way for no other reason than because we want to. What we do is not has important as how we do it- with patience and with kindness. Why? Because life is good. All life. Not just ours. You too are worthy of the Good Life.

This and much more can happen for you too, if you choose to hang around long enough for the miracle.