About Us

What This Is

If you are interested in knowing a little more about where this all came from, you can read a little bit about the founder of A Attitude of Gratitude’s story and how this all came to be here.

We do feel that it’s important that you are aware that the intention of A Attitude of Gratitude is not to turn readers into believers. We ask you not to believe anything that you read here as being an outright truth. In fact, no absolute truth can ever be expressed through words, so just take from the writings only what you find personally enlightening and helpful, and discard what doesn’t contribute to your understanding and well-being.

This website is intended to be introductory and complementary to a 12 Step program. It is also a place where some of the valuable insights that are gained doing a life recovery program can be presented in a straight forward, simplified format. What we present is a spiritual solution to person’s suffering and it is not written for any one specific affliction or addition. What we desire to do is inspire a person to be intimate with the Ultimate. What that exactly looks like is only for you recognize and therefore name, but typically the effect of this awareness is enjoying life at a higher level for a longer time than ever before.

Please also let us remind you that this is your life. No one else is responsible for the quality of it. This is your journey. No one can travel it for you. Ultimately no one can tell you what that journey is or exactly how it works. That all being said, progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. You must be willing to consider new ideas if you are going to even begin to have a different life.


A Attitude of Gratitude is for the “dones”. Those that are done suffering. Done harming themselves or hurting others. Those that are done giving up on their dreams. We are here to encourage and equip ourselves and others to be more like the people we were created to be. This is done by using the proven 12 Step method presented in a different but complimentary way to traditional methods. The result of going through this process is a spiritual awakening that is unique to every person but shares the common effect of gratitude.

The Process

The stories shared on this site are for identification, not instruction. They only explain what life was what like, what happened and how life is now different than before. All that being said, this is process of awakening. Recognizing what is needed to have the life you have always desired. So self-awareness is key, and the first step in change. We cannot change our world or ourselves without the awareness of what needs to change. To shift the patterns that disempower you, you must get honest with yourself and become aware of what they are. That’s what the 12 Steps will help you do.

Below is an overview of the steps that we have taken to recognize who we are, who we are not, and the principles that these steps are founded on.  For many of us, we recovered hope in Steps 1-3, discovered faith in Steps 4-9 and learned to trust by practicing daily Steps 10, 11, and 12. So, the 12 Steps have been grouped into 3 phases to help clarify the stages of development a person experiences by doing the Steps.

The Truth: Identity – These Are The Knowing Steps

Step 1~ Honesty
Step 2~ Hope
Step 3~ Willingness

The Way: Integrity – These Are The Growing Steps

Step 4~ Courage
Step 5~ Integrity
Step 6~ Acceptance
Step 7~ Humility
Step 8~ Reflection
Step 9~ Justice

The Life: Serenity – These Are The Going Steps

Step 10~ Perseverance
Step 11~ Spirituality
Step 12~ Service