A Attitude of Gratitude appreciates the opportunity to work with David Zailer, the Executive Director of Operation Integrity and author of two books on addiction recovery and other spiritual and inspirational topics. We recognize David’s wisdom, especially when it comes to the all too often overlooked addiction to sex. You can see for yourself if you subscribe to be a benefactor of A Attitude of Gratitude as we will give you a copy for you to read.

This book is extremely helpful when keeping promises no longer cut it, when “being in the Word “leaves you cold. It’s a book to read when your prayers for healing are met with dead silence and when you begin to wonder, “Is there hope for me?”

Sex and romance addictions have now been labeled by many counselors and clinicians as, “The Christian’s new drug of choice.” Perhaps it because this one that involves secrecy from the seemingly innocent beginnings.

Maybe it is because the institution of the Church has lulled herself into a false sense of well-being while half of all congregations surveyed admit to suffering with addictions and compulsions beyond their control but we probably should not to be too surprised. The polls, surveys and the media reports daily reveal the explosive growth of porn addiction, serial seduction and the lure of the chat rooms among men and of course that includes men who profess a Christian world-view.

The hopeful news is that there is a movement of Christian men who are now finding relief from the compulsions and deep healing for the soul. For them, the journey out of deep addiction is found in a Christ-centered application of the powerful 12 steps, developed and popularized by the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. To this program, Dave Zailer has created a new, unique handbook for the journey, marrying the biblical context to the proven spiritual 12 Step Programs.

While it may be conversational in tone to some, the reader is invited to look over his shoulder as he writes what he has personally practiced, experienced and learned. Traveling through the pages as a journaling experience, or in a group setting (which David recommends) enlightenment and transformation begins for all who earnestly apply themselves to the proven 12 Step Process.

Anyone who reads When Lost Men Come Home will recognize that the abundant grace David promises has been experienced him, yet not without considerable pain and darkness. Zailer’s life experiences, the childhood abuse, the secrets of a Baptist leader’s home, drug addiction, and porn production, all preceded the radical process of redemption in his life.

These are testimonies to the power released when the Christ-centered 12 Step journey is diligently embraced, day-by-day, in the anonymous company of other recovering men. Dave’s story and the stories of men who have discovered When Lost Men Come Home reveals a genuine hope that is available for all men who actively surrender to a God “who can do for them what they cannot do for themselves.”

If you’d like a free copy of David Zailer’s book, When Lost Men Come Home please visit our Giving Page and check out your options.

About David ZailerAbout David Zailer

An original Operation Integrity participant, David administrates the day to day operations of OI. He writes devotions for Operation Integrity Daily and contributes to a wide range of addiction recovery efforts. He has written two Christ centered books on 12-Step addiction recovery, but he is best known for his work as a speaker and counselor. David lives in Laguna Niguel, California where he is active in his community and his church.

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