A Attitude of Gratitude: Truth


Have you ever flown in an airplane during a storm and the pilot increases the altitude above the clouds? You get up higher than the clouds and you see that it’s calm blue skies around you. And you feel the turbulence go away. The calm blue skies have always been there, you just needed to rise above.

Now this may be an over obvious analogy, but please pause and contemplate this. Peace is always available. It’s just been blocked by thoughts and feelings. No where’s something that many not be so obvious; you can’t force the thoughts and feelings away. Not really. It took time to get where you are at. And you certainly didn’t try to think this way.

Sure, a person can focus on some “positive thoughts” but eventually the mind comes back to what is still there. And feelings of regret, remorse, frustration, feelings of being unacceptable all coincide with these kinds of thoughts too. And you try to mask these too. But at best it’s temporary.

So, if most people do not like being wrong, its only logical that the majority also prefer being right. Therefore, many don’t want to ever have their beliefs challenged. Certainly, this was the case for me. But once it was explained that beliefs are just ideas, I didn’t hang on to them so tightly. I was less likely to be offended when new concepts where presented, especially those that contradicted with what we would rather agree with.

Plain and simple; I had to be open minded if there was to be any real hope for any actual change. For it is so very true that anything that does not challenge you will not change you. And since what you are embarking on now is a spiritual path, that means any ideas you may have about God needs to be tested. Simply put, the only difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

Thoughts influence actions, and the results of the actions will affect the way you feel. If you feel good, you will think in a more positive manner. You will act in a positive manner. See the circle? Of course, it works in the opposite direction too. Feel bad, think badly, act poorly. It’s the thinking that’s right in the middle of all this. But thoughts have little to no value if actions are not included.

Pick a fight with what you think you believe in, because you will never know if its True unless you challenge it. Once you do, no one can threaten it. Until you do, everything will…

You see truth is quite simple, so simple that even a child can understand it. In fact, so simple that really only a child can understand it. Unless you choose to become a child, with a teachable mind and an open heart, willing to do things not yet experienced, you will not be able to understand it.

Please don’t take yourself or your ideas so seriously. Play with your beliefs because truth is an experience, not speculation. That’s what worked for me. So well, I would say that Truth is my savior.