When You Act On Faith | A Attitude of Gratitude

When You Act On Faith

It is only when you act on faith that you actually have it.

For better or worse, every struggle and every success in your past has shaped you into the person you are today. And despite all the positive aspects of character we each possess, most of us still have one or more challenging inner belief that surfaces repeatedly over the course of our lives. It is what harms us by blocking us from our potential and in the recovery world it is called a character defected.

Simply put if it hurts a relationship, it is a defective part of our character and whether we know it or not, these ideas have hurt us personally too. And for some of us, it was much more than we initially realized. After careful consideration, we recognized that these faulty beliefs are many times rooted in deep, unexpressed fears. These are insecurities that drive us subconsciously or they stop us dead in our tracks. In other words, we have attachments and aversions.

Depending on a person’s perspective during their difficulties, these beliefs either cause all sorts of problems, or they present great opportunities for personal growth. In other words, fear is what blocks and faith is what offers freedom. Ask yourself if you have faith that your life can be better. If so, how do your actions demonstrate that? Don’t try and bullshit (which is not lying but trying to make yourself look good). Would anyone close to you acknowledge that your actions show that you striving for new beginnings? I ask this because it is only when you act on faith that you actually have it. Anything less is really a lack of connection or concern for the truth and an indifference to how things really are. It’s bullshit.

If this post makes you unsettled or even angry, good. Because a bad day for your ego is always a great day for your soul.

A Attitude of Gratitude: Truth


Have you ever flown in an airplane during a storm and the pilot increases the altitude above the clouds? You get up higher than the clouds and you see that it’s calm blue skies around you. And you feel the turbulence go away. The calm blue skies have always been there, you just needed to rise above.

Now this may be an over obvious analogy, but please pause and contemplate this. Peace is always available. It’s just been blocked by thoughts and feelings. No where’s something that many not be so obvious; you can’t force the thoughts and feelings away. Not really. It took time to get where you are at. And you certainly didn’t try to think this way.

Sure, a person can focus on some “positive thoughts” but eventually the mind comes back to what is still there. And feelings of regret, remorse, frustration, feelings of being unacceptable all coincide with these kinds of thoughts too. And you try to mask these too. But at best it’s temporary.

So, if most people do not like being wrong, its only logical that the majority also prefer being right. Therefore, many don’t want to ever have their beliefs challenged. Certainly, this was the case for me. But once it was explained that beliefs are just ideas, I didn’t hang on to them so tightly. I was less likely to be offended when new concepts where presented, especially those that contradicted with what we would rather agree with.

Plain and simple; I had to be open minded if there was to be any real hope for any actual change. For it is so very true that anything that does not challenge you will not change you. And since what you are embarking on now is a spiritual path, that means any ideas you may have about God needs to be tested. Simply put, the only difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

Thoughts influence actions, and the results of the actions will affect the way you feel. If you feel good, you will think in a more positive manner. You will act in a positive manner. See the circle? Of course, it works in the opposite direction too. Feel bad, think badly, act poorly. It’s the thinking that’s right in the middle of all this. But thoughts have little to no value if actions are not included.

Pick a fight with what you think you believe in, because you will never know if its True unless you challenge it. Once you do, no one can threaten it. Until you do, everything will…

You see truth is quite simple, so simple that even a child can understand it. In fact, so simple that really only a child can understand it. Unless you choose to become a child, with a teachable mind and an open heart, willing to do things not yet experienced, you will not be able to understand it.

Please don’t take yourself or your ideas so seriously. Play with your beliefs because truth is an experience, not speculation. That’s what worked for me. So well, I would say that Truth is my savior.

The Foundational Principle of Attitude of Gratitude

The Foundational Principle of Attitude of Gratitude

What is the precious quality required for a chance of becoming truly happy?

What is the perspective which places character-building and spiritual values above all?

What is necessary in times of adversity to enable one to summon the faith that can meet any emergency?

Alan Santo 1963-2014

Alan Santo 1963-2014

The desire to seek and do God’s Will requires what basic ingredient?

What do some consider as an avenue to true freedom of the human spirit?

What can be used as our guide to move out of ourselves towards others and God?

What quality do many unnecessarily require a bludgeoning or beating to acquire?

Un-remitted suffering is a common path to seek what quality?

What is discovered by many people as a healer of pain?

What can transform failure and misery into priceless assets?

What is widely considered as a key nourishing ingredient that yields serenity?

What is used by many who seek removal of their shortcomings?

What is required to start gaining perspective on ourselves?

What is defined as gaining a clear recognition of what and who we are, followed by a sincere attempt to become what we could be?

What is the foundational principle of all the collective writings in this website?

The answer to all these questions is: Humility.

Humility is the acceptance of ourselves, and it’s found in the knowing of our right place with God and with others.

In Loving Memory Of The Man Who Inspired Me To Create This Website: Alan Santo.

Attitude of Gratitude, Hero's Journey

Hero’s Journey

I want to repeat that this process is about placing you on a journey of self discovery. And if you continue with this path, you will eventually find yourself returning to where you began but with a completely new introspective wisdom that can only be gained experientially. This 12 Step process is like the classic story of a hero’s journey that’s been told many times for thousands of years. I think the reason why the tale has stood the test of time is because most everyone can relate to, or aspire to be, the main character.

The hero/heroine in this epic always is unaware of the potential that lies dormant in them. Then, some event happens that usually the hero denies, and he tries to ignore what is calling him. However, there seems to be no way to avoid the destiny ahead; people, places, and things all in some way trigger a response to an unavoidable calling.

As the reluctant hero begins the quest, clues are given about his true identity. Early on a wise, trusted elder informs how only this person can fulfill what’s needed and that no one else can fulfill the hero’s purpose. The adventure unfolds and all that is needed arrives; wisdom, courage, strength, friendship, and an awakening of true identity. Despite seemingly insurmountable challenges, our hero responds to the challenge, is forever changed, and fulfills his destiny. Attitude of Gratitude, Hero's Journey

Seems like a myth, doesn’t it? How can this be real for anyone today? Of course, it still applies today because the only reason why any legend lasts for centuries is that it resonates in the hearts and minds of every person alive. A common man rising above adversity has always stirred the human spirit and that is what real recovery is.

It is still true that only those who dare to believe that they can triumph will experience great things. Still to this day, anyone who desires being more than ordinary must leave the comfortability of what has always been known; the hero must always leave the safety of their home for the odyssey to unfold. So, it is too with those who begin a new life in recovery.