Freedom To Have a New Life - Attitude of Gratitude

Freedom To Have a New Life

A Attitude of Gratitude is an alternative life recovery program for those who consider traditional 12 Step groups not to be a good fit at this time. What we offer is an established method that empowers a person to have the freedom needed to have a new life that’s filled with meaning and purpose.

A Attitude of Gratitude is a recovery community with an emphasis on inspiring, encouraging and equipping all involved to be more like the people that we were created to be. We do not proclaim to have the answers to all of life’s questions. This program simply provides a proven process that allows a person to find a spiritual solution to their suffering. How that’s accomplished is by an introductory and complimentary approach to the contemporary 12 Step program.

A Attitude of Gratitude is a free program. There is no requirement to believe or not believe in anything to be involved. The only necessity to participate is a desire for your life to better than it is today.

A core belief here is that God can never be figured out intellectually because faith is not what we think, but what we do. That without living what we say we believe, what we say we believe is irrelevant. So therefore, some of the propositions that this fellowship is founded upon are:

  1. Honesty is needed if there is to be any chance of humility. Humility is the foundation of all real change.
  2. If we take a position of being a student, lessons are available to us everywhere.
  3. Our faith must make good common sense before it makes anything else.
  4. Personal investigation and contemplation must occur if a person is to experience a renewed life.
  5. Embrace differences and seek similarities with others.
  6. Take nothing personally. What other people do, and do not do, is not about us.
  7. Make no assumptions. Unrealistic expectations are resentments waiting to happen.
  8. We do not blame people, places or things for our difficulties. We always strive to do our best.
  9. Once we do what is needed to remove what is blocking us from our potential we can see ourselves as we are; in unity with each other and God’s presence.
  10. Truth is eternal, however our knowledge of it is changeable.
  11. The purpose of life is to have a spiritual awakening. Contemplation is a positive choosing of the deep, shining, and enduring divine mysteries that are hidden beneath the too-easy formulas. There is a spiritual solution to all suffering.
  12. If a person follows their bliss, the life that they ought to be living is the one that they are living. Therefore by living authentically, each of us will inspire others to be free to discover their own voice too.

We realize we know only a little and that God will constantly disclose more to us who seek an intimate relationship.

How is that done? By abandoning yourself to God as you understand God; admitting your faults to Him and to a trusted friend; making amends for the wreckage of your past and then giving freely what has been freely given to you. Do this my friend and you will know freedom.


A Attitude of Gratitude We All Need Fulfillment

Step 11: We All Need Fulfillment


Of course those of us who embark on spiritual paths are motivated in different ways. Some will want to know themselves and others want to know the secrets that unlock everything. And maybe that is the same thing but approaching it at two different angles.

Some people want transformation. Many want to alleviate suffering and affect the world in a positive manner. And then there are those of us who are looking love, inner peace, acceptance, satisfaction and happiness. We all need fulfillment in some way or another.

“There Are Two Ways To Live: You Can Live As If Nothing Is A Miracle, Or You Can Live As If Everything Is A Miracle.“  Albert Einstein

So since we have prayed before and found a way through problems, it’s very natural to return to what works. And it does. However, inspiration without an application is basically just imagination. A soul being stirred is just a mere beginning. What needs to come together is action and contemplation. Being productive gives people a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that just sitting around thinking about something can never produce. Success will inspire more dreams that lead to more success. Truly, it is not the pursuit of happiness that we find ourselves. We discover our authenticity in the happiness experienced during the pursuit.

So no matter what the reason for beginning, a meaningful life is realized when we are seeking the presence of God in each moment.