Attitude of Gratitude, What Does Recovery Look Like?

What Does Recovery Look Like?

Recovery is quite simply being the best person we can be each and every day. Striving for a life that we have always had available, but have chosen to deny.

  • Recovery is hope, instead of desperation
  • Recovery is faith, instead of despair
  • Recovery is courage, instead of fear
  • Recovery is peace of mind, instead of confusion
  • Recovery is self-respect, instead of self-contempt
  • Recovery is self-confidence, instead of helplessness
  • Recovery is a clean conscience, instead of a sense of shame
  • Recovery is real friendships, instead of loneliness
  • Recovery is a life built upon timeless principles, instead of enduring a meaningless existence
  • Recovery is humility, instead of false pride

Recovery is a recognition that God has done for us that we could not do on our own.

Gratitude Is What Recovery Looks Like.