Attitude of Gratitude, Hero's Journey

Hero’s Journey

I want to repeat that this process is about placing you on a journey of self discovery. And if you continue with this path, you will eventually find yourself returning to where you began but with a completely new introspective wisdom that can only be gained experientially. This 12 Step process is like the classic story of a hero’s journey that’s been told many times for thousands of years. I think the reason why the tale has stood the test of time is because most everyone can relate to, or aspire to be, the main character.

The hero/heroine in this epic always is unaware of the potential that lies dormant in them. Then, some event happens that usually the hero denies, and he tries to ignore what is calling him. However, there seems to be no way to avoid the destiny ahead; people, places, and things all in some way trigger a response to an unavoidable calling.

As the reluctant hero begins the quest, clues are given about his true identity. Early on a wise, trusted elder informs how only this person can fulfill what’s needed and that no one else can fulfill the hero’s purpose. The adventure unfolds and all that is needed arrives; wisdom, courage, strength, friendship, and an awakening of true identity. Despite seemingly insurmountable challenges, our hero responds to the challenge, is forever changed, and fulfills his destiny. Attitude of Gratitude, Hero's Journey

Seems like a myth, doesn’t it? How can this be real for anyone today? Of course, it still applies today because the only reason why any legend lasts for centuries is that it resonates in the hearts and minds of every person alive. A common man rising above adversity has always stirred the human spirit and that is what real recovery is.

It is still true that only those who dare to believe that they can triumph will experience great things. Still to this day, anyone who desires being more than ordinary must leave the comfortability of what has always been known; the hero must always leave the safety of their home for the odyssey to unfold. So, it is too with those who begin a new life in recovery.